Prices and Terms

Average Prices - EUR / apartment / day
Apt. 1/2
(1 bedroom, 2 people)
Apt. 1/3
(1 bedroom, 3 people)
Apt. 1/4
(2 bedrooms, 4 people)
Apt. 1/6
(3 bedrooms, 6 people)
Extra bed
(1 or 2)
  • green prices: air-conditioning included (with option to exclude)
  • prices are indicative – binding offers will be sent via e-mail

Sunset on Ciovo island


  • under 3 stay for free (bed not included)
  • under 12 are exempt from the tourist tax

Tourist tax:

  • 1 €/person/day

Air conditioning:

  • 7 €/apartment/day

Terms & Conditions

Reservations should be made on a Saturday-to-Saturday basis (arrival or departure date can be shifted if staying 10 or more days, but one Saturday is always mandatory).

In order to reserve an apartment, a non-refundable 50€ deposit is required. Additionally, 40% of the total amount must be deposited within 15 days of the reservation. The outstanding amount must be deposited 30 days prior to your trip. After receiving the total amount, a voucher will be sent along with the apartments’ address and any additional information.

Refund Policy: Apart from extraordinary circumstances (ex. accident), a refund is possible only if the reservation is cancelled 7 or more days prior to your trip:

  • 0-6 days: no refund
  • 7-14 days: 20% refund
  • 15-30 days: 50% refund

If the time period, apartment size, or apartment location needs to be changed after a reservation has been made, a 20€ penalty fee may be applicable. If a transfer from the airport or bus station is required on the day of arrival, please let us in advance.

All apartments have been approved by the local tourist authority.